Strategies and Goals

The name of our ministry, Gospelize Cambodia, is intended to summarize our two-fold aim in ministry: to evangelize and establish. We desire to participate in the effort to reach Cambodia by evangelizing unbelievers and firmly establishing new churches in the faith. And, both happen through ongoing preaching and application of the gospel to all of life (e.g., Col.1:28-29). We intend to preach the gospel in order to establish a gospel people. Hence, we desire to gospelize Cambodia. 

So, what is our strategy for doing this?

  1. Khmer Language Learning

We will devote the first two years of our ministry in Cambodia to full-time language acquisition, so we can fluently communicate the word in the language of the people we’re going to serve. 

  1.  Evangelism 

We intend to actively advance the gospel to new people and unreached regions within Cambodia. 

  1. Planting New Churches

We think that the most effective way to gospelize Cambodia is to be personally involved in initiating and establishing new churches in regions where there are none. 

  1.  Training for Pastoral Leadership

We believe that one of the most helpful ways we can assist in establishing a long-term Christian presence in Cambodia is by training Cambodian men to plant churches and serve as pastors of congregations.