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The Kingdom of Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation that borders Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. A relatively obscure nation, it is most infamous for the Communist Khmer Rouge from 1975-1979, during which 2 million people were killed. 

Cambodia by the Numbers

  • Population 16.2 million people
  • Urban 23%
  • Language Khmer ប្រទេសកម្ពុជា
  • Religion 96% Buddhist 
  • Christianity 1% evangelical Christian 

Today, the need in Cambodia for missionaries who will learn Khmer, evangelize, and plant churches is staggering. With an evangelical population of less than 2%, the majority of the population has yet to hear the gospel. Moreover, the Christian population isn’t evenly distributed. With a meager 23% of the population being urbanized, there is a lack of gospel preaching churches in the villages. It is claimed that there are 14,000 villages in Cambodia, and the majority of these do not have a gospel-preaching church. 

However, the opportunities to do this are equally staggering. Although Buddhism is the dominant religion, it has been said that no country in mainland Southeast Asia provides more freedom of religion than Cambodia. Additionally, there is an availability of long-term visas. These factors provide unique conditions to missionaries to plant churches in a highly unreached country.